Friday, December 23, 2011

People don’t read anymore?

Is it true that people do not read anymore? I have always used the example that if I wrote a one pager on "All about the snakes of Mojave desert" you are not likely to read it. Unless of course you have an appetite for the reptile. On the other hand, if I wrote a 400 page book and title it, "All about XXX of YYY" - insert your name at XXX and where you work in YYY,  then I bet you, you will read it page for page. Why? Quite simply. Relevance. If it is relevant to you, you will read it.

I am appalled at the wisdom advertisers are missing when they say; do not write a lot of copy. People do not read anymore. Do people not read anymore or do you not have a good relevant story to tell your consumers? If you do not have a good relevant story to tell the consumers then it is a very sad day for you. Because, even a picture that is not relevant will not get the consumers attention. And if the consumers do not find you relevant then they will not even like you. Logic has it that if they do not like you, why would they want to buy you? Fall in love with you and put you in their league of friends or even lovers.

What pictures are you using?

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