Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Which is your favorite primal feeling?

Passion is irrational.

It’s that raw primal feeling that propels us to do what our logical brain says no. So, I find it difficult to understand when people say, look for what you are passionate about and do that work.

How can your raw primal feeling want to work? It wants to rest. It wants to sleep. It wants to wake up in a hammock by the beach. It wants to have some coconut water in the mid afternoon. Maybe some sex before evening comes. Glug down some beer.

That is what passion wants. Not work.

But you can reverse it. You can learn to love your work. We all have changed our mind about something before. We have changed our mind about someone. So, learn to love your work. 

Then with love passion occurs naturally.

That will work.

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