Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What will you want?

What you want and what you will do is entirely different.

What you want must be balanced with what you will. Specifically, what you will DO. Otherwise, your dreams are ashes. Burnt even before they become a reality. 

You want to be a movie star? What will you do for it? You want to make more money than the asshole boss of yours? Sure. What will you do for it?

Unless you are ready to sacrifice some sleep, skip a lot of TV (or internet or computer or iPad – whatever that you use for entertainment) and admit that your current lifestyle isn’t getting you anywhere, you won’t get anywhere. Want all you want. It won’t happen.

Oh yeah, while you are at it, admit that you are disorganized too. And be willing to do something about getting organized. Otherwise, want all you want. It won’t happen.

Do you will a want?

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