Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where have they all gone?

You hear that it is getting more and more difficult to get good people. Especially, fresh graduates to take up entry level jobs. Somehow, we have all not been very happy with the quality and attitude.

I wonder? I wonder if apprenticeship is a way to go for some industries. Call it chambering, residency or black ship if you like. You know the concept. Someone who works under a ‘sifu’ to learn the craft. Be it surgery or fixing a punctured tire.

One big value in apprenticeship is that it would shift some of the responsibility to the direct boss. If you are the boss looking for someone to work for you? Then you would have to be a ‘sifu’. You would need to really know your trade. Your craft. Your art. More importantly, you would have to have a system of teaching it. And know how to teach it.

That would add to the knowledge management of your industry. That would shift responsibility into your hands. So, you don’t just sit and complain.

Maybe it’s time to put what you know into a system and sell it as a set of kungfu to potential apprentice.

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What have you done to further your trade?

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