Friday, November 25, 2011

What will you believe today?

Across the years I believe I have seen all sorts who deal with media sales. They can be from the media owners end or media independent agencies. Respectable ones are few and in between. Majority of which are only concerned about selling you space, airtime or sound bites as the case maybe. Doesn’t matter what your marketing objectives are, their medium will fit. It can do all sorts.

If you are deft in figures and their numbers doesn’t gel with your plans, they will tell you to evaluate based on qualitative reasons. When they have tonnes of figures to back their medium up? They will tell you that the quantitative findings are not important and to look at the numbers, it’s a fact they can deliver.

Fact is they want you to choose their medium regardless of the figures. So they can meet their figures. Now that’s fiction.

Thought of a way to navigate the facts, figures and fiction yet?

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