Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What are previous successes doing to you?

One of the biggest threat to your personal growth is whatever halo effect you carry. You should be quite aware of this. If you look quite good, you probably know people think so about you too. You are also likely to know that whatever work you do, people tend to think you do it better than the others.

If you graduated from a very good university, people likely think that you are good in all that you do. That’s the halo effect at work.

If you are conscious of the halo effect and exploit it? Be careful that it breeds hollowness.  If you sit in a position of power, the hollow effect created by the halo effect becomes worse. 

If you think you know a lot. Be wary of the area between humility and self confidence. In the fogginess of praise and compliments, you may lose the plot.

Who's evaluating you?

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