Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An excuse to treat you less?

Do you ever wonder when you pay less, you are actually giving a reason to whoever that is serving you to treat you worse than if you were to pay full price?

For businesses to grow the usual idea is to convert the consumer to bigger ticket items or for the same customer to buy more.

Why then would a budget whatever (airlines, hotel, whatever) treat you like they are only doing business with you once by treating you like cattle?

Perhaps if they treated you better, you would buy that red cap of theirs. Have another can of Coke, or order the air condition to be kept on another hour.

These budget whatever dream of ancillary income from your pockets to theirs, but the service they give you indicates it’s a privilege for you to be doing business with them.

The stewardesses – in the instance of budget airlines – does not seem to realize just because you fly cheap doesn’t mean you don’t have money to buy that t-shirt, shawl and plane you are flying in.

Does budget equals value?

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