Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Would a dash suffice?

Conversations, discussions or even the way your organization operates needs your little something. That little speck or sprinkle of yours to make it taste good. Like salt or spice or soy sauce? Too much will spoil the taste.

How often do you see someone trying to dominate an idea? A discussion or the way something is run? Seek to contribute to make something better. Not to dominate to proof whatever you are trying to proof.

Know what you can contribute and if your contribution will make the most difference. Not your domination. Know what the dish is and what you bring to the kitchen.

By all means, if you are prik kee noo we will need a lot of you if we are cooking tom yum gung. Even then, you should not dominate the sourness we want from the tamarind.

Contribution not domination.

What do you taste like?

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