Monday, September 19, 2011

Have you learned the system?

When you ask a room full of people to put up their hands which do they believe in? Working hard or working smart? It’s almost certain that a majority will put up their hands for believing in working smart.

As if believing in working smart makes them smarter. 

I believe in this – to work smart you first have to work hard. Work hard in knowing the system that you work in. That takes time and effort. So, to get to working smart you need to first work hard. Otherwise, working smart can’t exist. 

Working smart also means you need to create your own system. To create your own system, you need to put in effort and time (that sounds like hard work to me). That will eventually save you more time and effort later. But that does not negate working hard – especially when you are creating that system.

Working smarter does not make you a better worker. To be fair neither does working harder. But if you work heart – meaning work with your heart and soul and every action is effortful – then you are the better worker. One that can make a difference in a company.

And usually companies rewards these people more.

How smart is your work?

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