Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What decisions held you back today?

You make a ton of decisions a day. But how many of them are of any true consequence? Do you truly believe the thickness of the border of the ad will bring in 30 more sales than if you were just to leave it the way it is? Do you hide under “it’s all in the details’? Sure, I believe in it too. But I also believe we should not be hostage to inconsequential details. 

And the wisdom of the manager is to demonstrate that she knows what the details to ignore are.

Perfection is over rated. How do you hold up to your own standards that you impose on others?

If you move a deadline because you say it is not perfect yet? If you burst a budget because you say xx amount more in dollars will make it perfect? If you keep tweaking and changing just so you please yourself rather than your consumers – and it’s always based on your opinions? You may think you are a perfectionist. You are not. You are not striving for perfection; you are striving to satisfy your primal brain. 

Can we move on now?

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