Thursday, September 22, 2011

How much can you spare?

There are a lot of people who talks a lot and nothing productive actually comes out of talking to these people. There are those who talks and not give. And there are those who talks and don’t do. 

They do so for a few reasons:
One, they want to take but don’t want to give. So, they pretend that their input is actually talking. This is usually hidden as advice or priceless opinions. They wait for you to produce and they want a share of the credit. These people forget, the more you give – time, effort, execution - the more you get.

Then there are those who are too afraid of losing face. They keep talking because they are afraid they won’t have the last word. To these people having the last word is winning. 

And those who talks and criticize but cannot do it themselves? They do so because they are too afraid to commit. They rather heckle from the back and they prefer that kind of attention. They do not risk anything by not committing.

See, when you talk and do? You commit with their guts. When you commit with your guts, you risk being eviscerated. But you know that's the price to pay for a worthwhile goal.

Are you uttering nonsense?

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