Monday, August 19, 2019

Why are you hiding?

A friend asked me if I know I can undo the blue tick in WhatsApp. The idea being no one who sent you a message would know you have got it and read it. I said I know and I have no reason to hide myself.

Recently a prospect got agitated with me for not responding his long message. I was in a full day meeting that was run quite literally like a workshop. I didn’t have the chance to respond. He gave me a long message bordering on a lecture.

I suppose that is what my friend is trying to get at. For me, I do not need to hide. The blue tick means to me, “I have seen it, perhaps skimmed over your message. I may not have the time to respond. If it is urgent, please call. Otherwise, in good time I will give you a response you expect. I have no reason to hide.”

There is always a phone call. Each medium of communication has a role. The role of us as a user is to be mature and professional and not assume.

It’s a blue tick. Your sense of urgency may not be my priority.

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