Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What is your wall?

On June 3rd, 2017 Alex Honnold climbed the 3,000-foot wall of El Captian in 3 hours and 56 minutes. A feat some climbers would take three to five days to complete.

To get to this level of mastery he had already climbed indoors for 10 years, another 10 years outdoor and gradually moving to free soloing but scaling a wall after the next gradually building confidence along the way. He had climbed El Cap more than 50 times in the past decade before he achieved this amazing feat. In the end, he said it felt like mastery.

We all have our walls to climb. It will feel like soloing. Dangerous, lonely and tiring. But if those walls are meaningful enough for you, the only way is like what Alex says, “…put in the work and find out.”

Worth your 11 minutes.

Are you pursuing mastery?

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