Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why can’t you make it?

Do you have a friend that always makes an appointment and later on cancels that appointment because something else came up? Some of us have friends like that. There is never time to meet because something just happened.

In fact, I am sure you have clients and colleagues like these too in your work life.

The reason people – and this might be you – can’t make an appointment or a meet or to be present at a dinner or attend church is because these things aren’t their priority.

People MAKE TIME for things that takes priority. When they override your appointment it means something else has taken priority.

It’s all alright if you make time for the right priorities. When you make time for what are not true priorities, that’s when your life messes up.

If it is important, MAKE TIME for it. Yes, make time. That means put that slot aside and regardless of what happens, you do that thing. 

What takes priority?

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