Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why would I want to listen?

I was walking pass one of these booth manned by people raising funds for a charity - the sort that gets you to pledge a certain amount each month for a year. I breezed through them trying to avoid eye contact. I was after all in a rush.

The lady, obviously well trained asked for a minute of my time. I declined with a polite, “No, I am in a rush.” She must have heard that as an excuse a million times. Except mine wasn’t an excuse. I was rushing.

On my way back, I passed by the booth again. She recognized me and did a polite, “Glad to see you again, Sir. Can I have a minute of your time?” Again I said, “No, I am in a rush.” The reply from her was “Don’t worry Sir, I am not trying to sell you anything.”

I wonder why she would think that the last line would make me stop to listen? Because she assumed most people do not stop as they thought she was selling something? And because she says it sincerely that she is not selling something, people would actually stop?

But the signs are there. There were three of them, a booth, brochures, they were stopping people. All signs points to “You are selling something.”

You won’t want to speak to me if you aren’t selling me something. 

How do you make me stop? 

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