Monday, October 21, 2013

How’s your diet?

There are things you do and habits you have that will have long term effects on your health. Things like dietary habits, sleep patterns, rest periods, exercise plans. The effects accumulate over the long term and short term effects are difficult to see.

There are also things you do in your company where the long term effects accumulate and the short term gains aren’t that clear, yet. Things like research and development (R&D), training, talent recruitment and branding.

Failure to invest in good long term habits like a good diet, proper sleep and rest and a consistent exercise plan can derail your health in the long term. You may seem healthy now, but 10 years from now? How healthy would you be? Or better yet, how fit would you be?

I am sure some retort will be “I know of this and this and this company that does no R&D, gives no training to their staff and does not invest in branding and they make money and they are strong.” Just like smokers quoting people who are chain smokers and lived up to ripe old age. And to stress their point even more, mentions people who have lung cancer even though they are non-smokers. 

What’s your fitness plan?

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