Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is the objective of the feedback?

Many marketers like to ask for feedback for their communication pieces - for example an ad - internally. This is done either amongst their marketing colleagues or colleagues from other departments.

It’s a dangerous exercise even though the intention is to be safe.

“I asked around before this was signed off.” “The consensus was this.”

The people you asked? They want the safe, the tried and the tested. They don’t want to stand out. They want to be the masses. Why? They don’t want to be blamed. Neither will they get the credit if it worked.

It’s dangerous because, you do not have time to tell your colleagues the context, the objective and the strategy behind why you briefed your agency to do what they showed you, which you are now asking for feedback. You shove a piece of paper in front of them, give them a 30 seconds explanation and you expect valuable feedback. Or worse, you emailed it and said, “Tell me what you think?”

It’s dangerous because they are not the people whom it is created for.

It’s dangerous because you don’t understand why you are doing this and the repercussions of doing it. You were employed to do your job, which is to make a decision. You as the marketer in charge, take a stand, have an opinion and make a decision.

When you ask for feedback the way you do, what you are doing is shifting responsibility. Because if it fails, everybody said it would work.

If you keep asking for feedback and did what you would do anyway, then why ask? If you do not heed the feedback, eventually people will tell you what they think you want to hear. Then why ask?

“I like this, but let me ask around.” “I am not sure, but let me ask around.”

When are you going to come around?

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