Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to avoid being crushed?

I pity my marketing colleagues. They are always under tremendous pressure from all sides - production, sales, finance, legal and risk, and you name it. The worst thing we have seen happen is when the head of the company jumps in to stomp on them even when the fault is not entirely caused by the marketing department.

We recently witnessed the head of a company pulled the plug on a perfectly executed communication which on the long term would bring immense returns. But sales jumped in to say they see no effect, sensing blood finance jumped in to say it is too expensive, production seeing an opportunity to do less work in the future agreed – even when they have no locus standi.  

Persistence, my friends is your friend and it is what will help you avoid being crushed. Persistence in marketing. Persistence to be good at what you do. Persistence in the face of failure. 

Persistence is your antidote against the four contagions. The 4Cs that will kill your plans – first, the critics who are driven by their internal agendas; second, people casting out every idea without offering any of their own; third, contemptuous characters who thinks by making you look bad, they will look good; and fourth the Apatosaurus who knows they will be extinct soon crushes everything in their path. 

Is the force strong with you?

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