Friday, July 15, 2011

How to be a hero?

You want to do big things. Have the biggest project. Launch the best product. It’s easy to understand because it’s good for your ego. It’s good for your pride. It’s good for your resume. You get bragging rights.

Here is a suggestion. Don’t worry about doing big things. Focus on doing small regular things, things that you are expected to do and do them damn extra-ordinarily well. That will make you a hero. 

Write a well thought out brief. Back up your proposals with facts and figures. Clear your emails on time. Communicate in a clear and concise manner. Know where to find the files your colleagues sent you. Don’t ask for it 30,000 times and apologize for it. Get in to the office on time so when your boss, your colleagues and your clients need you? They can find you.

See. It’s easy to be a hero. Just small stuff. Done right. On time. Every time. 

How much effort can you afford today?

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