Friday, July 29, 2011

How bad is your good thing?

We always tell ourselves this story.

One day a farmer lost his horse and the neighbor told the farmer how unlucky he is. The farmer replied, “Maybe, maybe.”

Sure enough, before long the missing horse brought back a few wild horses. The neighbor this time said to the farmer how lucky he is. To which the farmer again replied, “Maybe, maybe.”

As the farmer’s son was training the wild horses, he fell down and broke his arm. You can guess what the neighbor said to the farmer. Yes, how unlucky the farmer was. And the farmer’s reply was still “Maybe, maybe.”

Soon, the state went to war and soldiers came drafting for young healthy men. But because the farmer’s son had a broken arm, he was not drafted. Again, the farmer’s neighbor told him how lucky he was. To which his reply was the same.

How are you welcoming bad news?

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