Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How do you want to spar?

Here is one reason why an agency’s work is tough (amongst the 4 million other reasons why.)

Clients have no benchmark.

They try to win the argument to satisfy their ego, not for the benefit of the brand. No matter what case studies, no matter how similar the case studies are to their brands they will always say, “Oh, the situation is different.”

No matter how strong the data and how robust the research, your research methodology will be called into question. Not because they want to know the answer but because in front of the boss, it will make them look so intelligent.

There is no need for them to offer an alternative after tearing your solution. They have a trump card that reveals their ignorance which they use all the time, “Oh, it’s a challenge to the agency.”

If you want to spar to become a better fighter, then you need to make sure we both spar with the same rules. We both get to use our hands, legs, knees and elbows. Don’t limit me to my hands only. Because if you beat me, it doesn’t mean you are a better fighter. You are better off doing it on a sand bag.

See the brands that fly out there? Those clients get into the ring and slug it out with their sparring partners. They sweat and bleed on the same rules. That’s why they get better all the time.

Are your gloves on yet?

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