Tuesday, July 2, 2019

What is the brand truth?

This question and one that is similar appears very often in most multinational agencies’ tools when arriving at the brand essence (or soul or DNA or vision or whatever is the fancy word of the decade.) But often, the truth isn’t the truth. It’s more often than not corporate speak mixed in with a dash of management sound bites and marketing claptrap.

What if this question is answered in the most brutal manner? In a way that consumers can relate to and forgive. Well, not just forgive but accept and do business with you because you are authentic? Because truth builds trust.

For example, if you peddle snack food - admit that we have sugar inside because sugar makes it tastes good. We use permitted colourings because it makes it look fun. Don’t eat it daily, but eat it when you want to indulge yourself; when you want to cut the boredom.

Are you a liar?

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