Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What should you have first?

Just because you are the most passionate football fan you know doesn’t mean you will be successful running a business that has to do with football.

Do not confuse what is needed to be successful as a marketer. You may not have a passion for philately but you can be very proficient at selling stamps.

Proficiency and passion. One is an expertise, the other an intense love.

It certainly helps if you are passionate about bath tubs and selling it. But it’s not a must.

In fact, it maybe detrimental. If you are a passionate fulltime traditional Shotokan instructor you won’t want to do business with moms and pops that walks in with their cute softie 8-year old. In which case, your dojo needs a proficient marketer. Not a passionate instructor to be successful as a business.

Which combo do you want?

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