Friday, October 14, 2011

When should they take you out?

I am quoting this based on memory. I think Leo Burnett said something like this, “The only indispensable man in the history of mankind is Adam himself.” And how true.

How often do we see the huge egos in the marketing and advertising industry strutting around like they are irreplaceable?

And most times, those who feel they are irreplaceable are actually the stumbling block to better growth for the organization.

Consider this; the constant glow of your ego is blinding you. Keep your ego in a safe. Things may become clearer for you. Stepping away lets other people shine and also open up to what can be better for the organization. With you the results are good, without you the results could be great.

Whoever that replaces you, if they do better than you, good for them. If they don’t, well then – you would have proven your case.

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In any case, when you step aside you create more space for growth for yourself anyway. 

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