Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How are you running your business?

That business model that you have? I am sure it is great. You can soon bask in the sun all day while the rest makes money for you. You can duplicate efforts without lifting a finger. Others will do the work for you. You dream of retirement. Congratulations. You have a plan.

Others may not share that same belief as you do. So stop telling them their business model is wrong. Some may not want to retire at all. Hard for you to conceive but it’s what they want. Maybe they just want a set of respectful clients. A set target of profit per month. Go home early and spend more time with the kids. It’s their dream. Not yours. 

Suggesting to someone how to improve on their business is one thing. Telling them their business model is wrong is another. Figure the difference in that.

What do you expect the consultant gastroenterologist to do when you tell him his business model is wrong? Start a hospital? Quit and become a multilevel marketer? The gall of you to even say that!

Mind your own business before?

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