Monday, October 10, 2011

How much does your raw materials cost you?

When was the last time you sit with your raw materials then decide to do something about it? What are your raw materials?

The feeling in you that you want to write something. The feeling in you to start something. Draw. Call your mother even when you have nothing to say. The urge to do something about your willful blindness. Send in the proposal risking looking stupid. But never quite get down to it? That’s your raw material.

The primal emotive burst in you that wants to get out? That’s your raw material. Let it get out. Let it make you do something. As long as you don’t hurt someone, that is.

You can only feel yourself when you let yourself out of you. Then the rest of us can feel you too. Then you can make an impact on us.

We want you.

When are you opening?

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