Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is your clock ticking the right to do list?

You cannot create more time. But you can manage your effort. When I finished my 500 questions book this year, friends asked me how did I find the time? I didn’t. I managed my efforts. You and I have the same amount of time. 

If you stop clinging to the rituals you are so used to, perhaps you will manage your effort better. 

What rituals? I am always tired. But you pretend you don’t know the cause? It’s because you are still on the computer deep into dawn. I always never complete my to-do list. It’s because when the item comes up, you create an excuse and reply emails instead. And every item that comes up and you don’t much fancy to do it? You move on, only to realize it’s the end of the day.

Stop clinging to the nonsensical rituals of your daily life.

What are you knocking off today?

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