Monday, March 1, 2021

Are they the same?

You know the experts say, the journey is not the destination. Now that I am a little older, I am not so sure. Right now, I think they are one and the same. Like a union, and you should not separate them. Separating them makes you see things in isolation when they are not.

The stress, stumbling, and suffering. The happiness, victories and winning. These are as much the destination as it is the journey. To separate them is to see that one is not the other. The journey is the destination. It gives the destination value. It makes the destination worthwhile. It’s what you do to earn the destination. Why would you not see it as one?

You are all-in into the journey so you can, and believe you can control the outcome. Otherwise, you wouldn’t face all those challenges on the journey.

They are one. Face them as one.

Are they different?

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