Thursday, November 19, 2020

Do you like your alphabet soup?

4Cs, 4Es, 6Ps, 7Ps, and whatever not. It is your choice of whatever marketing models you want to use, tickle your fancy or suit your taste. Perhaps you like what some experts suggest marketing is 4.0 now. Or whatever in your opinion marketing may be. 3.141592653589 and not quite 4.0 yet. 

It’s your choice. If it works for you, great. 

Here is what I suggest if nothing seems to work for you.

  1. Get the basics right. I would suggest the classic 4Ps. 
  2. Get in-depth knowledge about it. Don’t just read from the first page of a Google search. No, really. Please. Re-read your marketing textbook if you have one. Yes, really. Please. 
  3. Write a marketing plan based on that. If you can’t write a proper marketing plan based on that, perhaps you don’t know the 4Ps in-depth yet? See point 1.
  4. Put your plan to work. 

Don’t choke yourself on too many alphabets. It’s bad for you. Start right. If you can’t write a proper marketing plan on a classical model, perhaps you shouldn’t care too much about others.

Are you satiated yet?

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