Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Is it time to learn?

Of course, everything is crumbling under your feet. But you are capable of multitasking. Of everything that you do, park time aside to learn. This is to ensure that the next time a crisis happens or the system fails, you have enough tools to deal with it. Or at the very least, know how to think through and not panic. 

Think back; you feel everything is crumbling because you don’t know what and how to think. A solution seems to escape you.

It’s never too late to learn. If you believe it, even during a crisis you should commit to learning and you must invest in learning. Time, money, and energy. Mix them into your want to learn, and you will find the will to learn.

You will be able to deal with this better now and you will be equipped to deal with it better the next time it comes.

When is it ever a perfect time?

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