Monday, August 21, 2017

Why should I listen to you?

So far, in the years that I have been a brand consultant, I have heard this and similar statements four times. “I have a successful business; my business turnover is XXX amount. What can you teach me?” Mind you, these are the people who ask to meet in the first place.

I usually let them be and not answer it, as behind that statement lays a gargantuan ego. I may win the argument but lose the business. Why make a multimillionaire/billionaire richer in knowledge?

We sell expertise. Our expertise is in branding communications. Branding is part of a bigger picture to make you more money. It’s NOT the only factor. You the all knowing multimillionaire of course, already know this.

The reason you employ us is because of expertise. It’s the same reason why you send your children to school to be taught by people making a lot less than you. It’s the same reason you see a doctor who makes a lot less than you. It’s the reason you have accountants and bankers who make a lot less than you help you make more money.

Why should I have you as a client?

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