Friday, June 20, 2014

Do you know how it works?

Sometimes there is so much ‘intellectual dishonesty’ (in this context I am referring to pretending to know what you don’t know or pretending to know a lot of what you know very little of) in the meeting room that it can choke you. Yes, the smog of stupidity and dishonesty can leave you gasping for air. 

It’s easy to expose ‘intellectual dishonesty’ though. Just ask clarifying questions. Like “How does this work?” But intellectual dishonesty is usually met with anger even when the questions themselves seek to clarify and nothing else. Why? Mainly because the weakness is exposed and yes, you did not give ‘face.’ With no answers, the person who fakes capability or knowledge is confronted with a naked intellect. Sometimes they don’t like what they see especially when naked.

What you know and what you think you know are vastly different. Why? It’s easier to talk; you can add management sound bites and claptrap into what you think you know. But when you have to explain it, you have to truly know.

Who are you cheating?

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