Monday, December 9, 2013

Who should you develop?

At some point in time, you will likely want to develop others to take over your position. Or even the desire to have a protégé whom you can mentor and pass over the skills and knowledge that you have. 

But before that, how have you developed yourself?

Managers tend to manage (well, lead if you like) others and things so well, they tend to ignore themselves. Either for the fear of confronting their own ghost or the attitude of “I know I am not perfect but it got me where I am”. And if they are happy with where they are; they will think the qualities that got them there is good. Great, even. Even if they are toxic to the organization.

If you are some sort of manager or carry a word like this in your designation, you should start developing yourself first. It starts from a journey of discovering yourself which means to be self aware. Then managing yourself in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, developing yourself, looking into areas where you should be better and could be better. Not just hard skills and knowledge, but those that has been labeled as EQ.

Perhaps then there is a chance, you will be a better manager (oh, well leader if you like). And one that is fertile to the organization.

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