Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What have you been carrying?

One way to become better at what you do is to unlearn certain things. Across time as you age, you would have picked up rubbish that weighs you down. It could be an uncompromising way of looking at things, recognized fears that you have done nothing about or even a dogmatic ritual you do.

Once you are aware what the rubbish you need to unload, the challenge is to be able to execute the dumping. You might think it is easy. But dumping rubbish has its challenges too, especially those you have been carrying for years

To dump that rubbish means you are admitting that you have been carrying it for years. Your ego may not like it. Dumping means disruption to what you have been used to, once you are used to something, change brings pain.

Unloading this rubbish is important before it stink your life.

What should you unlearn?

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