Thursday, August 2, 2012

What are you obsessed with?

Obsessing with something does not necessarily make it better. Sometimes you need to relax and let go. Passion, tenacity, focus. These are very good words. But they aren’t the same as obsession.

Give some space in your mind and whatever challenge you are feeling with what your ad agency gave you. The solution will arise. Don’t like the new brand name that was proposed? Let it go. Don't agree with the design your freelancer proposed? Let it sit for a while, say a day or two. No matter how impatient you feel. 

Obsessing over something you have no solution for is like staring at the plant you are nurturing. No amount of staring, watering and fiddling will make it grow any faster than it can.

Give it time. With space, answers appear.

Do you get it?

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