Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How strong are you?

People try to be environmental. Save a piece of paper here. Recycle a bottle there. But they do not even bother to take navy showers.

There are some who fights for world peace. Champions all sorts of causes. But they do not bother to even let the car in front an inch of space in a traffic gridlock. So much for peace.

Then there are those who scream that others are so stupid. Naïve. Ignorant. Spoils their day. As if the world owes them their peace.

When there is a piece of treasure at the top of a tall mountain and you can’t reach it, most people will say the mountain is too high. Very few will say, “I am too weak, I am too frighten, I am too lazy.”

Where is the insurmountable mountain? In your heart or in your eyes?

Where should you start?

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