Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When was your last dialogue?

The spirit of Koinonia practiced by the ancient Greeks is a system of dialogue that allows for the free flow of the collaborative spirit. Even Einstein is said to have engaged in this free spirited exchange of ideas where each party seeks to expound on their ideas without trying to change the other parties. They also freely state their idea no matter how controversial it is. The rules are simple, don’t argue, don’t interrupt and listen intently.

What is wonderful about the spirit of Koinonia is that it allows the participants to talk through their ideas while the others suspend their assumptions. When you suspend your assumption, you truly listen and not discount someone else’s idea or give it too much credit. You accept it for what it is. This in turn allows you to clarify your thoughts. Out of this, everyone improves and ideas flourish.

I think client and agencies can do with a lot more of the koinonia spirit.

Do you really listen?

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