Friday, July 13, 2012

Why can’t you say their names?

A friend commented on his Facebook recently that so many companies refuse to say the name of a competitive brand as if it’s a taboo (not in ads but in meetings, discussions and such). Usually these companies claim that they are proud of their own product.

It’s true what he said. We have met a lot of companies like that. I am not sure what is the rationale. Why wouldn’t a company use this opportunity to demonstrate candour? A trait much needed to earn trust and build relationships?

I mean, not saying doesn't mean competitors do not exist. Not saying doesn't mean customers don’t know.

Heck in this day and's just a google away.

I reckon, if you are proud then you must be good, to know you are good you must be compared to someone/something. It stands to reason you MUST have competitors direct or indirect. If you don't know, that means you have not compared. If you have not compared then how do you know you are good?

So what's it gonna be? You are good hence you know your competitors. Or you are just guessing you are good. Or you are afraid that we will find out about your competitor and reveal that you have lied?

Have you been actin’ kinda shady?

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