Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why just us?

An age old debate and discussion in the industry. One for which I have never gotten a good answer. Conflict of interest. You cannot handle accounts from competing companies. But why does it only affect the ad agencies? Why not the research agencies? Why not the production houses? The printer? The media like TV stations, press, radio?

Because we handle confidential information? Well, isn’t the information research agencies have also confidential? Your new campaign that is not out yet, that’s confidential but production houses that shoots your TVC knows. Even if it is out, your next campaign burst budget is known by the media you booked into, no? The printer surely has a copy of your new packaging designs. The post production house edits your TV commercial. The tapes are with the stations.

How come they are not subjected to stringent ‘conflict of interest’ ethics?

Just saying.

Why not them too?

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