Monday, July 2, 2012

What is creativity?

This is a very complex question. If you google it up, Wikipedia has a very interesting entry on creativity.

Related to that is when clients say, “this is not creative.” Which begs the question, “What is creative?” If you cannot define what is creative, then how do you know this is NOT creative?

Those who have been in the industry long enough will know the typical answer you get from a client is, “Well, that’s the creative challenge.” or “Well then, it’s the agency’s challenge isn’t it?” or the greatest cop out, “It’s the agency’s job.” Or any variations of that. As varied as a Ruy Lopez openings.

Suppose the CEO tells the marketing manager that his team is not very good at looking for smarter marketing opportunities. What is a smart marketing manager to do next? Perhaps, clarify what is deemed as “smart marketing opportunities”? Or at least what is deemed as “not so smart”? Without knowing what is deemed as “smart marketing opportunities” by the CEO can the marketing manager meet the expectations of his boss?

I suppose it is the marketing manager's job and challenge to figure out what is “smart”? 

Now do you see? Your turn.

What is creative?

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