Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Will it make a difference?

Plan ahead. Execute the plan. Then let go.

The last-minute addition of two additional pages to the proposal isn’t going to win the business. That’s not the critical bit. Increasing the font size of the headline when you have additional time to make adjustments isn’t going to increase the sales. Sprinting down the field to kick the ball across even with all your might isn’t going to score the goal.

It sounds like I am asking you to give up. Not to give it your best shot. I am not. I am saying plan everything ahead. Plan it well. Do the work well. Then stop. That’s why you plan well and execute well in the first place. So you have buffer time to say, I did it well and I didn’t have to rush. You are ahead. When you slot in last minute stuff, it says you didn’t plan well and you like the illusion of control.

Should you just sit back?

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