Thursday, August 12, 2021

What is your hobby?

The moment your hobby turns into a business that puts food on the table, it becomes work. A hobby costs you money. When you rely on it to make you money, you will likely not know where the hobby starts and where work begins. Learn to separate them.

I love doing karate. Kata practice gratifies my soul and is an artistic expression for me. It costs me money to learn and to be good in it. The moment I teach it so I can put bread on the table; I have to start thinking about rent, trading time for money, explaining to stubborn 12-year-olds shoved into learning by their parents the intricacies of each movement. It drains my soul. Of course, it all changes if I choose to teach karate as a hobby.

Learn to separate play from work. If one becomes another from a conscious decision; manage your own expectations.

What is work?

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