Thursday, August 4, 2011

How much romance can you take?

Does it always have to be “do what you love”? Why can’t it be “love what you do”? Such romantic statements when you hear people say “Life is short. Do what you love.” Sure. I believe it.

The people who say these didn’t tell you, what the process of getting there is. As if work nirvana just appears sitting in the correct cubicle under the right florescent lamp.

If you keep focusing on what is not right with your job, you will never know what the right kind of work is for you. You kick up too much dust; it blurs your vision to the path.

Here, start loving what you do. If you are a data entry clerk? Be the best damn data entry clerk there is. Look for what you can love in it.

You may think you love doing one thing now, but it will change. Life changes. You change. So while it is nice on paper – do what you love, they conveniently forgot to tell you, love is also about discovery. And sometimes love is painful.

Care to love what you do?

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