Wednesday, August 25, 2021

What is the way out?

Disaster after disaster can disorient you. Amidst this disorientation, do your best to detach from your preconceived notion of what is success and how things are supposed to be. Then in a seemingly plan-less, irrational way; do new things and poke the box. Keep trying new things that others may not even endorse or understand. But for you, it is a way of discarding your notions and breaking away from the chains that drown you. You are opening new doors and seeing new things from different angles. You are letting the light in. 

When you do this, remember to enjoy yourself. Have fun and embrace the challenge. It is difficult to learn to be in the moment. One thing that can help you is this - realize that if you are at your worst, as you can be now; it is a liberating experience. Facing your worst fears frees you from the claws of not knowing. Now you know. Now you are free to move forward. 

In the cycles of rising and falling, this is but one of them. Embrace your misfortune and let it float you up.

Have you found your freedom?

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