Thursday, January 2, 2020

Do you know the future?

Yes you do. Because next year at this time, you would say “I should have done this better.” Whatever “this” is.

Now imagine you are in the new year of next year. This time you get to make a change. Knowing 365 days in the future you will be having the same regrets, what would you do now?

Here is one suggestion. Just one. Make small consistent changes. Consistency is the key here. You don’t lose a whole year like that. You lose it a day at a time. Park a small time slot aside DAILY for whatever you want to change or do better. No compromise. Start with 10 mins and scale up whenever you feel it is too easy. Every week, review the week. You review because you want to commit to it. It will remind you of how consistent you have been. You may have done two days of 10 minutes this week, so in your review you tell yourself, next week your aim is 3 days. 

You get the idea. In 52 weeks time, you would have DONE something. You have won over the monkey mind.

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