Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Who is the destructive clown?

Across the years we have developed a sense of spotting the clown within an organization that can derail the project. This clown that wears the mask of a critic that has nothing constructive to offer, you can spot him pretty easily. He usually begins by throwing questions your way without offering any of his own. He will drop in some credentials here and there. When he can’t offer any answer, the simple phrase he will use is, “You are the consultant, you tell me.” 

This clown masks his insecurities with questions; looking like a critic he throws you and his management off focus on his own weaknesses. Almost always, he is afraid that the project will unveil his weakness or lack of proper planning and execution. He is trying to derail you before you unveil his incompetency.

This clown destroys. There is nothing funny about his actions.

It’s time to unmask him.

Is it funny anymore?

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