Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Are your fundamentals right?

If you come from my generation, marketing is just the 4Ps. Later, when I entered the industry I hear people talk about however many Ps and what not.

There were a few seminal books on marketing and advertising. If you read those, understood them and somewhat guided by them, you turned out OK; whether in the marketing department of some MNCs or ad agencies.

Somewhere along the line I think we lost the plot. Bookshelves of marketing started to resemble the cereal aisle of a hypermarket. Each shouting a different flavor, variant and taste. Some are junk. Some grounded on the same basic ingredients labelled differently.

If you are a marketer today, you should hunt down those seminal works on marketing and advertising before foraging into the wilderness of ‘modern marketing’ (if there is even such a thing.) Get your basics right.

It’s like getting your ABCs right before reading. 123s right before counting. 

Basic kicks, punches, stances, throws, grapple, locks and blocks exists in all martial arts. They may call them differently, but without these no self defense art is worth your time.

There is no need to keep adding ‘new thoughts’, ‘new programs’ into your marketing program until you have got the fundamentals right. Be patient, put in the good fundamentals, and stay loyal to it. Let the results show before you start tinkering with it. Don’t conclude too soon that it is not working for you. Determine your fundamentals, get good at it and give it time to work.

Are you sticking to the fundamentals?

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