Monday, April 28, 2014

Whose attention do you want?

Over the weekend, one of the leading brands of instant noodles in Malaysia won one of the best brand awards to be won in Malaysia. It’s a people’s choice award which no money can buy.

Interestingly, along with this award they also garnered a good review from an overseas instant noodles reviewer and ended being rated top ten in the world. Surely that must be something to shout about.

Even more interestingly, there are congratulatory ads from a state government, a global football team and their ad agency for their win and the rating.

All things considered, I would not have mentioned the rating by an instant noodle blogger (ok, reviewer) albeit he is foreign based and seem to be a expert in his food category. Mainly because they did not garner a top spot in the review – in fact, the bottom half of a top ten list – and a competitive brand actually got the number one spot.

The brand that got the number one spot currently has a cult following. I have heard people queue for it where it is available in the early days. They do not have big budgets for A&P. And like all brands with a cult following, word of mouth does the job for them. Plus, the word of mouth is doing a good job.

Now, with these congratulatory ads driving traffic to this instant noodles review site the brand on the number one spot will get free publicity. People who once did not know of their existence will now look for it. The best thing is that, those who make the effort to go to this site are all consumers who are interested in the category. 

I believe every brand has the right to be proud of their achievement. But in the din of celebrations, one must ask – what is the objective? What is the best way of achieving that objective? Otherwise, you may end up doing your competitor a favour.

Are awards glitters blinding you?

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