Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who should you listen to?

First you should be mindful about your own reasons when asking for an opinion. Did you ask to clarify? Did you ask to find out more? Did you ask to hear what you want to hear? Did you ask because you are fearful? Did you ask because you are excited? These are just some of the questions and context you need to be aware when asking for an opinion because it will affect what you hear.

Then, of course you need to consider the person you are asking. Why did you ask this person? Is this person an expert? How would you evaluate the opinion given? What is the person’s background and how will it affect the way the opinion is given?

Whether it is your personal investment, relationships, or brand campaign; who you ask, why you ask and how you perceive the given opinion affects your decision. 

When the asking and listening is not done carefully and mindfully, it can be a very expensive affair.

Why are you asking?

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