Thursday, January 23, 2014

What is your definition of marketing?

Or rather what is your company’s definition of marketing? It is important to get these terms sorted out. Especially, within your company with the various stakeholders. You may think that this is a given but you will be surprised if you asked around the people who is involved in the marketing process in your organization.

Marketing to your tea-lady means going to the wet market every Sunday to buy her groceries. Marketing to your sales department means visiting dealers and closing the sales. Pounding the pavement and building relationships face-to-face with the dealers is marketing to them. Marketing to your chief financial officer is seen as a cost. To your CMO, it is an investment. What marketing is to your CEO depends on which route he took to get up there, it frames his worldview of what marketing is.

One simple word for an important process but with multiple definitions. It’s the reason why you need to sort it out and it’s the reason why the definition should be simple in your organization.

Now, for a tougher question – what’s your definition of brand? 

How do you plan to sell?

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